Design In Our Economy

It’s obvious we are all feeling the effects of the slowing down of our economy. Unfortunately, this probably means our budgets aren’t being cut, but slashed. We now have less resources to function and, if possible, grow in this tough environment. We just can’t win, can we?

Actually, we can!

In this climate, many of our rivals, if not all of our competitors, are facing the same circumstances as we are. However, they, unlike us, are seeing this as a limiting factor. You and I KNOW that this is an opportunity with monumental advantages. Most of our competitors are pulling back their marketing and advertising efforts, trying to find a way to survive internally. Fortunately, this means there is a lot less noise and competing voices out in the world. We have an opportunity to not only put out a stronger message than the rest, but now, this message can be heard with much more clarity from our customers.

We have the opportunity to grow our revenue MORE THAN EVER!

We all know our customers are becoming much more savy with where they invest their hard earned dollars and future. They still want to invest, maybe now more than any time before, but they also require a higher level of service and quality than before. As we all know, with hard times, who can afford to take a chance on sub-par opportunities. If it’s not great, everyone is going to move on!

As Marketers and Advertisers, we are responsible for attracting potential investors. We are responsible for the first impression.

Recently, a leading NCAA Division I University which is ranked as one of the top scientific research centers in the nation, placed this full page ad for their College of Science in a leading scientific publication.


This university enlist over 28,000 students, and is one of it’s states largest employers. The periodical advertised in, has a circulation exceeding 1.3 million prints, reaching over 6.6 million readers an issue. The rates for a full page ad in a periodical such as this begin around $120,000.00.

Here is what could have been possible for 1% of the cost of the publication’s advertising rate, had this university recruited the services of SadMonkey Design.


Simply put, if you think the ad designed by SadMonkey Design would have been much more effective eliciting a greater response from the targeted market, then please, allow me the opportunity to provide my services for your business.

Remember, in today’s tough market, if you are not growing, you are shrinking, and the more you shrink, the bigger your competitor gets. Let SadMonkey Design help you grow!


One response to “Design In Our Economy

  1. I love how you integrated the visual elements of the message of the ad and it is a nice design. Feels really “hip” for a college of science, maybe too kewl. Also, I think the “I” looks like a part of the “E”. Anyway, thanks for the embroidery tutorial.