So why the name “SadMonkey Design?”

Once upon a time, deep in the heart of the Palo Duro Canyon, existed a small but memorable railroad attraction that toured many areas of this State Park.
The Sad Monkey Railroad consistently circled part of the canyon providing a narrated tour for many of its guests throughout the warmer parts of the year. Having been removed from the park many years ago, it’s legacy and name still live on. While it’s timber and rails have long been removed, the more faithful landmark still stands tall overshadowing the ghost of its trails. Along the face of one towering mesa, the resemblance of a sorrowful monkey still stands in all it’s geological wonder, looking down upon the park, hence the name Sad Monkey Railroad.

SMD-80-CanyonSadMonkey Design began as a local business servicing the Texas Panhandle and the greater West Texas area. The name Sad Monkey was and still is a well known attraction for this area. With the desire for community involvement, the name SadMonkey Design only seemed natural. Garnering an instant source of local trust, the utterances of SadMonkey Design brought a smile and a memory for each person whom SadMonkey had the pleasure of coming into contact. With the passage of time comes a few endings, some new beginnings and most of all, unforeseen change. SadMonkey has since left the locale of West Texas and has begun conducting business nationally. With a pride for its heritage and a loyal following, the name SadMonkey Design pushes onward, spreading the friendly customer service, most notable for the West Texas region.


Here is a link to a youtube video that was originally recorded back in 1991. (I am not responsible for the video. I only found it after doing a search for material to share.)

Sad Monkey RailRoad Video


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