Terry Gilliam

I recently had a brief exchange with a wonderful contact of mine over the work of Terry Gilliam. To be honest, before the subject had been brought up, the work of Gilliam and the comedies of Monty Python had been far removed from my mind. It has been quite sometime since I have seen or thought about them. It inspired me to search out and revisit some of the great works of Gilliam. He is widely known as a the great maker of the short animations featured with Monty Python

He also directed some truly wonderful and bizarre films such as 1985’s “Brazil,” “12 Monkeys,” and “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.”

I cannot speak with any certainty, but I highly suspect the folks over at JibJab have drawn a considerable amount of inspiration from the groundwork that Gilliam laid down. I also had not visited JibJab’s new videos in quite some time. I came across a few I just wanted to share. So please, take a few moments, relax, laugh, and enjoy!


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