A Complete Logo Package

In interest of your clients needs and your ability to provide a truly professional logo design package, you need to take your clients future into consideration. There may be a few avenues you may have not considered. It is almost a guarantee your client has not thought about all the ways of how their logo will or can be used. Or, what will need to be done in order to exhibit a high quality logo throughout all mediums.

It is very unlikely that a logo will only be used in one medium, uniformly, without deviation. It is likely that your new logo will someday need to go on a ballpoint pen, a giant one color banner, screen printed on apparel or embroidered. One logo, very likely, will need multiple versions that will be compatible with a multitude of different mediums. While there may always be special circumstances that arise sometime in the future, most of them can be handled before the logo design is ever finalized.

Any logo design package should consider at least a few of the below listed possibilities if not all of them.


With the prevalence of multimedia formats now available and the increase of cost effective print rates, most clients will want a logo that “really looks special” or “that really stands out.” Meaning a full color version with all the bells and whistles. While in the past this was largely avoided by most designers, it has become quite acceptable and even put into practice by most of the largest organizations around.

A full color logo will most likely serve as the clients primary mark that will go on all available full-color mediums.



The next thing to consider is a spot color version of the logo. The number of colors used should be discussed with the client and built accordingly with potential budgetary restrictions in mind. A multiple-color spot version may be attractive for high quality apparel prints, and a 1-color or 2-color spot version may be needed for the more economical prints. Remember every spot color incurs extra cost when printing, so multiple color variations may need to be included in your logo package to accommodate all of your client’s needs.



Another option that will most undoubtedly be needed is a one color version of the logo. A one color version will go on just about any medium. You will most likely need to design two different versions of a one color logo. One that will be used on light mediums, and another that will be used with dark mediums.


While sometimes, just inverting the logo may work for a reverse print, it’s not always the best solution and should be taken under consideration.



A Greyscale option should be designed as well. Very rarely will a color logo translate well when printed in greyscale. Too often colors end up bleeding together, becoming indistinguishable from each other. For example, most reds will appear black. A logo with red and black, without a proper conversion, will end up with less than desirable effects. You SHOULD design one that has been converted to incorporate the full range of the greyscale value.



A simplified small logo version of both one color versions will need to be designed as well. I’ve never came across a client or an organization who DID NOT use their logo on a ballpoint pen or some other promotional item. Most ballpoint pens and many other promotional items have a strict, small imprint area. Most likely no larger than .75″ x  .5″ and no smaller than a 1/4 stroke, or 6pt type. Now these specifications do vary slightly vendor to vendor, but these are pretty standard measurements that a small logo will need to be compatible with.



While this package does not cover every need that may arise for your client, it does offer a pretty comprehensive plan for any future requirement. Other things to be aware of would be embroidery, embossed and debossed versions, or even animated versions. Your clients needs and your ability to learn new mediums are the only limits to where and how a logo can be designed and used.

If it is not done now, it most likely will need to be done in the future at some point. It may be done by a lesser professional resulting in a loss of quality for your client and logo, or it may incur more additional cost in the long run to develop all these needed versions individually. To protect your client from problems and unnecessary cost in the future, it is best to discuss all potential uses of the logo at the beginning of the design process.

Remember, you are not creating just a pretty little image, you are creating an identity that will be used by a company in all forms of communication, promotions and marketing. Used in a wide range of mediums and products. If the logo does not look professionally cohesive in every way, then the logo will fail to do its job, and the whole process of desiging a professional logo has been lost!


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